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Water Houses

The Water House is a modern take on the ancient fountain with the privilege of supplying good and safe water 24/7 thanks to PPF-filtered purification, silver activated carbon filtration and a UV ray de-bacterization system. The perfect mix of quality and safety, obtained through ordinary maintenance and checks carried out by certified laboratories, to constantly prove the high quality standards.

Ecoline Water Houses

These are self-service drinking water dispensers for the dispensing of still, still cold and sparkling cold water.


System Functioning and Withdrawal

Drawing water is very simple because it works by inserting coins into the appropriate coin mechanism, or by inserting the card or electronic key into the relative reader. Cards and keys can be topped up at the vending machine itself with coins and the three types of water can be withdrawn at the same time. The eco-friendly LED lighting system allows the vending machine to be easily used even at night and the “zero waste” formula provides for programmed dispensing for one liter of water, which can be interrupted at any time.


“Locally Sourced” Water

The Water House is a “local” service as the water supplied is sourced directly from the local water network. It is a complete project that gives communities the possibility to choose to save both economic and environmental resources. The goal is to reduce plastic bottle consumption. For each unused 1.5 liter PET bottle, the emission of CO₂ into the atmosphere is reduced by 0.12 grams. Restricting environmental pollution also means reducing pollution-induced diseases.



Among the benefits of this service: reducing costs for the disposal of plastic bottles, cutting down on waste build-up at home, and massive certified economic savings (about 600€ per year for an average family).


Pure, good and safe water

Guaranteed and controlled water, not left sitting in the bottle for a long time. The water supplied comes from the municipal aqueduct and is made more pleasant to the taste by activated carbon filtration, which removes chlorine from the water, and the possible addition of carbon dioxide.


Cost savings

Always available, avoiding heavy bottle transportation and storage, more space in the warehouse.

Reduction of pollution and plastic disposal costs

Water ATM installed at a bathing establishment – in collaboration with the Lifeguard Cooperatives participating in the Plastic Free project.

Avoid waste production, transportation and plastic disposal. Contribution to eco-sustainable consumption. “Local” water as the water supplied comes directly from the local water network. It is a complete project that gives communities the possibility to choose to save economic and environmental resources.

Solution against water waste

There are significant savings compared to buying bottled water. Compared to purchasing bottled mineral water, the user manages to save money without giving up on quality. Public water is in fact repeatedly controlled, constantly monitored and always compliant with the strict Italian and European quality standards.


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