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Water Purifiers – Energy 2.1

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

  1. Capacity 3,040 L/g with constant water quality control system.
  2. 6 filtration stages: removal of 99.9% of heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, oxides, organic matter, etc.
  3. Production capacity: 120 litres/hour
  4. Compact and adaptable to any space
  5. Reverse Osmosis Membrane with multifiltration system
  6. Smart display for:
    • System operation
    • Filter life indicator
    • Membrane life indicator
    • Produced water quality indicator
  1. Remote control of the system Easily check the status of the system thanks to the multicolor LED.
  2. Pipeless hydraulic circuit
    • Less leakage
    • Less welding
    • Stronger sealed joints
    • Easier and safer to use
  1. Anti-flooding sensor Protection against water leaks. When the system detects a leak longer than 3 seconds, a sound and light alarm is activated stopping water flow.

Remineralization System

The first compact water purifier with smart display and remote control.

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